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Purifying clays target excess oil and impurities, while AHA’s and BHA’s help to exfoliate, leaving skin looking clean and clear. 



 Suitable for

• Excess oil

• Problematic 

Exfoliating Clay Mask

  • Key Ingredients and Benefits:

    • Kaolin & Bentonite Clay | Help target excess oil and impurities.

    • Beracare AAA™ | A effective blend of Amazonian plant extracts including Acai Berry extract, Andiroba extract and Copaiba Balsam, to help minimise appearance of redness and relieve irritated skin.

    • Lactic Acid | An AHA that helps to refine and exfoliate.

    • Salicylic Acid | A BHA that works to lift build-up of dirt and debris.

    Usage AM/PM Apply a large pearl sized amount to clean skin and spread over face evenly. Leave for 10–15 mins or until dry. Remove with a damp cloth using a gentle, sweeping action. Follow with serums and moisturiser. 

    Tip: Spot treat on blemishes and leave on overnight.    


    • Not recommended for those with aspirin allergies.

    • Not suitable directly following any Aspect™ peel. 

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